Ramadan & Autism Tips


Ramadan will start very soon! Shorter school hours, family gatherings, Iftar Fun and change of routine maybe challenging for children with autism, here are some tips, tricks and considerations for parents and caregivers to keep in mind:

  • If your child specially doesn’t like routine changes, you must prepare yourself and your child ahead of time! Inform your ABA Therapist! and plan ahead… make some social stories of any changes to your child’s normal routine that may occur. make new adjustments to your routine, watch videos, talk about the fasting schedule and other changes that will be happening.
  • Creating a visual schedule are very helpful in providing structure and reducing anxiety. and if your child wants to participate your visual can include mealtimes, prayer times, and any other activities that will be different during this time.
  • Provide a sensory friendly Ramdan: Some children with autism may be sensitive to certain sights, sounds, or textures. If your child is sensitive to the sound of the call to prayer or the texture of certain foods, consider making changes, such as playing a quieter version of the “Athan” call to prayer or providing alternative foods that are easier for your child to try…
  • Be mindful for your child always and their sensory needs.
  • Involve your child in the preparations for Ramadan, such as decorating the house or helping to prepare meals. This can help your child feel more engaged and comfortable with all the changes.
  • Make fun sensory bins, kids learn through play, so prepare some fun sensory bins with Ramadan theme.
  • Make a Ramadan calendar with good deeds to do during Ramadan, like donations, being kind to others, write or color a Ramadan themed photos/or letter to a Grandparent or a friend!
  • Add a calendar “the countdown to EID.”
  • Follow your child’s lead, if they’re overwhelmed its best to make changes to make them comfortable, gradual changes.
  • Be patient, Ramadan is not only about fasting its about being patient and kind so module these behaviors to your child! and family.
  • Get Ramdan gifts for your child! a great way to get kids excited and engaged, get Ramadan gifts or give gifts to classmates and friends.

Remember, every child is different, and what works for one child may not work for another. By being patient, flexible, and responsive to your child’s needs, you can help them have a meaningful and enjoyable Ramadan experience.

Wishing you all a Ramadan Kareem!

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