Autism Awareness Month

autism awareness

At Georgetown Early Intervention Center, we choose to focus on awareness, acceptance and advocacy around autism spectrum disorder.


Autism awareness has grown leaps and bounds over the years, yet there is still ALOT of work to be done. Many people have yet to learn the signs of autism, how to interact, and the different challenges individuals with ASD face. Early interventions offer the best chance these children have to thrive, but they can’t occur without early identification, so deeper awareness and education around autism needs to remain a focus.


Many families are touched by autism in some way. I am not speaking about acceptance to an Autism diagnosis, but rather The acceptance of individuals with autism (and their families) in every part of society is overdue. This acknowledgement and inclusion is not only beneficial to them, but to everyone, as neurodiversity makes the world a better place. Let’s Accept them for who they are, break down these barriers and foster inclusivity by opening our worlds to include the support, services and opportunities they deserve.


Awareness and acceptance are the first steps, but our loved ones sons, daughters and friends… deserve more than that, too. They need advocates; sidekicks, determined moms, Super Siblings who are with them for the long-haul to elevate them like the superheroes they are. They are counting on others to listen and learn, as well as help them share their voices in whatever way works best for them. They need individuals and organizations to have their backs through inclusion, clinical advancements and policy law changes with them in mind.

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